Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding photography is not just about the bride and groom and guests. There will be many details and wedding decoration ideas that you will of carefully planned that all go to make your wedding day unique to you.

Wedding Themes

You may find that if you base your wedding around a particular theme then that can help with the rest of your wedding colour scheme inspiration.

D.I.Y wedding decoration ideas. Keythorpe Manor

Some people choose a vintage wedding or festival wedding theme which then gives a colour-way to work with for your wedding decorations.

I know that it can be quite costly when hiring in elements for your wedding. So with that in mind I like to make sure that I get some shots of those for you.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

D.I.Y Wedding Decorations

Bawdon Lodge Farm

Its not just the expense of the hired in elements for your wedding but just as important are all of your own D.I.Y wedding decorations and ideas that went into styling your wedding day look.

Giant L.O.V.E letters are a popular choice for wedding decorations like these at a Rothley Court wedding.

Rothley Court wedding decoration ideas
wedding decoration ideas Leicester L.O.V.E letters at Rothley Court

Up lighters are very effective in washing walls with your chosen colour theme. They are usually LED based and can be programmed to whatever colour you need. Like these used at a Brooksby Hall wedding.

Wedding Decoration Ideas Brooksby Hall
Wedding Decoration Ideas Brooksby Hall

Hopefully the below gallery of some of my wedding photography will give you some wedding decoration ideas. Click / tap or double tap for Apple any image to view a full size version and swipe for the next