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A Leicester based wedding photographer for the past 30 years having photographed 100’s of local Leicestershire weddings

Prestwold Hall

A little about me

Based in Leicester I am a full time professional Leicester wedding photographer.
Photographing mainly Leicestershire weddings for the past 30 years I shot my first wedding when I was just 20 years old
 I love photographing weddings because one minute I’m shooting a portrait the next a landscape – 30 seconds later  a still life. For me wedding photography is almost every type of photography. from aerial ( leaning out of a wedding venue window ) to under water- almost, but I have got my feet wet for the perfect shot more than once.


 Style ?

 I don’t like to actually describe my wedding photography as any particular style at all. I will shoot your wedding  combining candid spontaneity with extra special couple portraits and artistic bridal studies. Your groups are shot quickly without any fuss, allowing you more time with your guests and me to shoot the rest of the wedding in a more relaxed style. I deliver a complete mix of wedding photography styles from documentary wedding photography to portraits and groups.

Rothley Court
I have over 2.000 examples of my wedding photography, spread over 19 Leicestershire wedding venue gallery’s

Find your wedding venue from the Leicestershire wedding venue dropdown menu and you may even find  your venue with wedding shots taken at the same time of year as your own wedding.

Cattows Farm

If you do not see your wedding venue listed then let me know as I may still have wedding photography examples taken there that I can show you.

Brooksby Hall

Brooksby Hall wedding gallery tap or click to view

Some of my wedding venue gallery’s that are available from the main Leicester wedding venue menu.

Brooksby Hall, Rothley Courty,Prestwold Hall, Shearsby Bath, Ullesthorpe Court, The City Rooms, Quorn Country Hotel. Quorn Grange, Beaumanor Hall, The Old Stables, Belmont House, Bawdon Lodge Farm, Brownsover Hall.  Cattows Farm,  Guild Hall,  Donington Park Farmhouse, The Woodlands, Hopthorpe Hall,