Leicestershire Church wedding

Leicestershire Church Wedding

Over the years and after shooting 100s of Leicester Church weddings I have got to know some of the vicar’s and priest’s at many of the Leicestershire Church’s.

Church wedding leicester

One of the reasons is that that they are very hard working and can run 3 or more Leicester Churches in the local villages, so I do get to see some of them quite often.

As they know me and have seen me at work before they know I can be trusted not to be a distraction during the Church wedding ceremony.

Church wedding leicester

I have photographed 100’s of Leicester Church wedding’s and understand the ceremony and timings in detail. With my long experience I know the best positions I need to be in so that I am ready to capture the key moments in a documentary wedding photography style whilst staying out of the way.

Church wedding leicester

Church wedding ceremony photography

As an experienced wedding photographer I respect the sanctity of the Church wedding ceremony. If a photographer does not they can become the focus of attention during the wedding ceremony and the Vicar will remember the next time they come across that wedding photographer again !.

When photographing a Church wedding ceremony I also like to get some shots of some of the extra details and decorations that you may have arranged around the Church.

Church wedding Leicester St Andrews
St Andrews Church Aylestone
Church wedding
Last hug with the girls as a single woman

I am also building a separate gallery page for individual Leicestershire Church’s here Leicestershire Church’s

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