Welcome to my Leicester wedding photography website, I have been photographing weddings in Leicestershire for many years and over that time have visited most of the Leicestershire wedding venues and shot 100s of weddings.

I will be at the Brooksby Hall wedding fayre 1st April 2018

I have Leicestershire wedding venue galleries in my Leicester wedding venue page above, so you may be able to find your own venue. If you have not yet booked your wedding venue then the galleries may also help you narrow down your search. See the Leicester wedding venues tab above to find your wedding venue to view my past weddings at your chosen Leicestershire wedding venue.

I have so many Leicestershire wedding photos to show you that I have created pages for each section of the wedding day, click the links above for the sample shots covering wedding photography from Bridal prep to Church wedding or a civil wedding ceremony.

A little about me 
Based in Leicester I am a full time professional wedding photographer.  I love shooting weddings because one minute its a portrait the next its a landscape 30 seconds later I’m shooting a still life, all within one wedding I am shooting almost every type of photography there is – from aerial ( leaning out of a wedding venue window ) to under water- almost, but I have got my feet wet for the perfect shot more than once! Read more here About me

MY STYLE I don’t actually describe my wedding photography as any particular style at all. I shoot your wedding as it unfolds and then combining that spontaneity with a little extra care for some extra special bride and groom portraits that hopefully you will cherish. Then if any groups are needed,I can quickly and tidily set up any groups that you need without any fuss, allowing you more time with your guests and me to shoot the rest of the wedding in a more relaxed style. So in essence you get the best of all worlds with a complete mix of styles.

Because I mainly shoot weddings in Leicestershire I visit the venues at all times of the year and so should be able to show you samples from your chosen wedding venue and even from the same time of year as your own wedding.

This website is still being built and is an update from my current website which features 27 Leicestershire wedding venues. I am adding wedding venues all the time from that site to here  so if you can not find your wedding venue then drop me an email  and I can pop it on for you.

I also have 40 Leicestershire Church weddings to upload so when you drop me an email please also mention your Church as I may have some of my past weddings to show you taken at your Church as well as your wedding reception venue.