Keep it local

Keep it local

Leicestershire wedding venues

Local Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

 When looking for a wedding photographer its always best to start with your local photographers and if you can not find what you need then start to look further a field as there are wedding photographers that will go anywhere in the uk for a wedding.

Keep it local Leicester. I prefer to keep to a Leicestershire weddings core area with hops into adjoining counties for Nottinghamshire weddings, Lincolnshire weddings, Northamptonshire weddings, Warwickshire weddings and Derbyshire weddings.

Keeping to a core area helps keep my wedding photography prices low as you are not paying any extra for my travel. Photographers who say they do not charge extra for travel may of already loaded their prices to cover travelling. Another extra cost is advertising in wedding directories, typically it will cost extra per region that a photographer wants to appear in. I only advertise in a Leicestershire wedding area which keeps my costs low which I can then pass on to you.   

Wedding Venue Experience

I get to visit each wedding venue many times through the year and so over the years I have shot weddings at most of the Leicestershire wedding venues in all kinds of weather and at all times of the year and at different times of day. So when it comes to your own wedding I already know the best places for the shots at that time of year without the need to spend time looking for them.
This means that on the day no time is wasted and no photo opportunities are missed. This local venue knowledge also means I don’t need a second shooter helping me, and then this allows me to also keep a small footprint on your wedding day.
A good experienced wedding photographer should be able to turn up to any venue and get great shots without the need to of been the wedding photographer there before but then not everyone that shoots weddings are experienced enough to do this.

Local Knowledge

 Here is a shot from a wedding in Bosworth at St. Peters Church with a reception at The Tithe Barn. The church in the background in this photo was where the wedding ceremony was held and because I know the area I also know that this shot is available for me and with the help of local short cut knowledge I was able to get there before the bride and groom arrived in their white jag wedding car.

Wedding transport Leicester
Other benefits of staying local to Leicestershire are that the local registrars for Leicester wedding venue civil ceremony’s know me and trust that I will not become a distraction during the ceremony. I’ve even shot a wedding for one.
Brooksby Hall
For your Church wedding some of the local Leicestershire priests and vicars also know me too. Most run 2 or 3 Churches so I do get to meet them quite often in different Leicestershire villages. Here is David at St Michael and All Angels Church at Brooksby Hall.  Click here for a full gallery of weddings at Brooksby Church.
Brooksby Hall Church

Brooksby Hall Church

The staff at the Leicester wedding venues also know me so when I need access to parts of the venue that I will need keys for later they are happy to give me the keys before I need them, rather than me having to find staff when I need the key which helps me to shoot quickly without a second shooter.
Leicester weddings Leicester wedding

Other Leicestershire wedding suppliers may know me too, this can help when it comes to things like the wedding car because they know the angles that I prefer at each venue and so can quickly place the car ready for me whilst I am shooting something else and so saving time, like this big 4 car set up at Prestwold Hall.

Prestwold Hall wedding cars

Prestwold Hall wedding cars

The other advantage of shooting mainly Leicestershire weddings is knowing back the routes of the area so if there are any traffic hold ups I know the best way around them without a sat nav sending me into a field.
Also the local Leicestershire area road knowledge helps me get from any bridal preparations shots to the ceremony venue quickly and then already knowing where I am going to park at the Church or venue saves time too so that I can get bridal prep shots and get the groom shots at the ceremony venue as well without the need for two photographers.
You can see this benefit in action in my Bridal prep gallery HERE And my pre wedding groom photography gallery HERE

I will arrive at the Church already knowing the best places to park so that I am not blocked in after the ceremony. I can then make sure get ahead of the guests leaving the Church and be at the wedding reception venue before the bride and groom. I will be ready for a wedding car shot at the venue before everyone else arrives or shots of the drinks before they all get taken by the arriving guests.

Wedding at Sutton Bonington Hall

The below selection are all shots from the same Sutton Bonington Hall wedding with bridal prep at Sutton Bonington at and also the lads at the Church St Michael making it look as though there were two photographers, yet there was only one.

For my full Sutton Bonington Hall wedding gallery click HERE

Safety First

You also can be reassured that if I had a wedding yesterday that I wasn’t on the road for 3-4 hours last night and getting back a 3 am and then shooting your wedding with out enough sleep. After I leave your wedding I am usually back in the office and backing up your wedding photos within 40 minutes.
Professional wedding photographers do have contacts who can hopefully step in at the last minute but consider this, if a long distance travelling wedding photographer is almost at the venue after a 3 hour drive and something happened that meant they could not shoot the wedding, they may have someone to contact who could step in—-but they too could also 3 hours away so it could still be all over by the time the replacement shooter arrives.
I feel travelling for hours to a wedding is adding unnecessary risk, and I much prefer to be behind a camera than behind a steering wheel.