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The Leicester and Leicestershire wedding venues are many and varied and can offer plenty of different options for your civil wedding ceremony both inside and out.

Wedding ceremony’s in Leicestershire. I  have photographed 100s of Leicester civil weddings and my experience means that I can get the photographs needed to capture the emotion without being a distraction or blocking the view of your guests. Many of the Leicester and Leicestershire registrars know me and that my wedding photography will respect the nature of the ceremony, I have even photographed a wedding for one of the Leicestershire Registrars themselves.

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The civil wedding ceremony should not include any religious elements, but you can still have a religious blessing immediately afterwards if your wedding venue has this facility. Brooksby Hall, Rothley Court, and Prestwold Hall are some of the Leicester wedding venues that are the perfect options for this as they have a Church or Chapel close at hand.

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Some civil wedding registrars are now have strict policies on wedding photography during the ceremony. This is because they have seen increasingly people taking photos indiscriminately at inappropriate moments that can actually interfere with the ceremony.

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Wedding Ceremony Readings

Readings at your civil wedding can be a nice way to personalise your ceremony, a wedding guest may read a poem or something else that has a meaning to you, could have 1 or 2 wedding readings, but remember -check with your registrar.

Perhaps there is someone close to you at your wedding whom you are unsure of a roll for them but still want then to have a roll on the day, then sometimes a reading can be a nice way to fit them into your wedding.

You may even be allowed to use some of your own words as part of the wedding ceremony. But if you don’t want any readings at your wedding don’t worry because you do not have to have any if that’s what you prefer,


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You have the freedom with a civil wedding ceremony to be able to choose the music that you would like to be played but there are some restrictions so you will need to check with your registrar first use.




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